Indigenius is a trailblazing ecosystem dedicated to transforming linguistic diversity and accessibility for Africans across various domains. Our offerings span hardware, mobile applications, chatbots, and enterprise software, all designed with a profound commitment to empowering languages and bridging communication gaps.

1. Indigenius Hardware Keyboard: Our tangible solution empowers users to type seamlessly in 180 African languages, alongside English. With an ergonomic design and native language support, it fosters inclusive communication, placing a strong focus on preserving linguistic heritage. Order here

2. Indigenius Mobile App: Serving as a gateway to linguistic empowerment, our mobile app facilitates effortless multilingual conversations. It boasts predictive text, special characters, machine translation, and generative AI functionalities in five key languages: Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Pidgin, and English. Download for FREE

3. Indigenius Enterprise Software: For organizations seeking to embrace linguistic diversity, our transformative AI-driven language solutions aid in business and educational development. They promote inclusive communication and bridge linguistic gaps, seamlessly integrating into apps, websites, and customer-facing interfaces. Contact Sales

4. Indigenius Chatbot: Our AI-driven platform is designed to support African languages, enabling natural conversations, providing educational assistance, and offering innovative business solutions. With multilingual capabilities and cultural sensitivity, it fosters inclusivity and knowledge-sharing. Sign up

At Indigenius, we are driven by the belief that linguistic diversity is a treasure worth preserving and celebrating. We aim to empower individuals, educators, businesses, and organizations to communicate effectively, learn in their mother tongue, and engage in meaningful conversations. Join us on this remarkable journey of linguistic empowerment and inclusion.