Indigenius Hubs

Core Pillars

Indigenius Hubs

Education and Promotion of Digital Literacy in a Multilingual Framework

The second objective focuses on education, particularly in promoting AI and digital literacy among students and educators within the communities it serves. By adopting a multilingual framework, the hub aims to make technological education accessible and relevant across different linguistic backgrounds.

Documentation, Data Generation and Preservation of African Languages

The primary objective of the Indigenius Hub is to create employment as we produce quality datasets, document and preserve endangered African languages. This involves extensive research to collect linguistic data, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and usage contexts.

Development and Utilization of Technological Tools for Language Revitalization

The third objective revolves around the development and deployment of technological tools specifically designed to support the digital operation of African languages. This includes creating speech-prompted Large Language Models (LLMs) and applications like the Indigenius, which are tailored to meet the linguistic needs of diverse African languages